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  • AM378
    Corona Diamond Ring AM378
  • AM372
    Corona Diamond Ring AM372
  • DX371
    Corona Diamond Ring DX371
  • verragio engagment ring 'most pinned ring'
    • verragio engagment ring 'most pinned ring'
    Verragio Venetian 5013R Engagement Ring — The animation of romance is captured perfectly in the look of the Venetian 5013R diamond engagement ring, thanks to coupling of a diamond twisted band and Round brilliant cut diamond sides.
  • 5075R
    Verragio Venetian-5075R Engagement Ring — A woman that wants it all should have it all – for her, there is the Venetian 5075R-2WR, which features a twisted diamond band, a round diamond halo center and round side diamonds that each get their own halo too.
  • 5065CU
    Verragio Venetian-5065CU Engagement Ring — Make a splash, make an impact, and never let her forget this moment with the AFN-5065CU-2RW diamond engagement ring. With two cushion halos, and a split diamond band, your story is already one for the ages.
  • 5005R
    Verragio Venetian-5005R Engagement Ring — Get lost in time with the superior look of the Venetian 5005R diamond engagement ring, thanks to a beautiful marriage between the round diamond halo, twisted diamond band, and inner lace design.
  • 5005P
    Verragio Venetian-5005P Engagement Ring — Square away her heart with the Venetian 5005P diamond engagement ring, complete with a square diamond halo setting, and elegantly twisted diamond band.
  • 5003
    Verragio Venetian-5003 Engagement Ring — The beautiful romance of the Venetian 5003 diamond engagement ring’s design is a perfect fit for any lucky lady. With a diamond adorned, twisted shank and a four-prong setting that can accommodate almost any diamond cut desired, this design is nearly impossible not to fall in love with.
  • 5060CU-TT
    Verragio Venetian-5060CU-TT Engagement Ring — VENETIAN-5060CU-TT engagement ring from the Venetian Collection, featuring a rose gold profile and 0.60 ct of round brilliant-cut diamonds to enhance a round diamond center. Available in Gold and Platinum.
  • 5053R-TT
    Verragio Venetian-5053R-TT Engagement Ring — The inventive look of the Venetian 5053R diamond engagement ring challenges the halo style setting, thanks to the unique inner detail that hovers below the center to create a look that is both classic and innovative at the same time.
  • AFN5049CU
    Verragio Venetian-5049CU Engagement Ring — The Venetian 5049CU diamond engagement ring is indulgent with double the diamonds, thanks to two cushion shaped halos, placed atop a split diamond set band.
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