U.S. Customers Save BIG

Psst…Did you know you don’t pay duty or taxes on jewellery purchased in Canada?

Being a U.S. customer, you will reap the benefits that come with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and SAVE BIG. You have the ability to shop jewellery with us and pay NO TAX and NO DUTY (in the U.S or in Canada) and receive NO HASSLE on either side of the border.

In addition to those incredible savings, you can take advantage of 30% savings (average) due to the weak Canadian Dollar. Pretty good deal, EH?

Are you in the market for an engagement ring?? This may be especially beneficial to you. Ring shopping can be stressful, but we have the staff, knowledge and savings to help you select the perfect ring for your special someone. In addition to the many amazing brands we carry, we can also help you design a custom ring that will guarantee she says YES! The process is as simple as crossing the Sault’s International border to shop one of our two convenient downtown locations (which are only minutes from the bridge).  Once your purchase is complete or ready for pick up, you will receive all necessary and approved government documents to bring your jewellery back to U.S. safely.

Savoy’s Jewellers has been committed to quality, local craftsmanship, and friendly service in Sault Ste. Marie for over 60 years. You can be rest assured you will receive honest and reliable service, no matter what or who you’re shopping for. The Savoy’s team maintains the values and traditions that have made us the trusted experts we are today.

To learn more about the process and how we can help you SAVE BIG, call us or visit us in store today.