Why Alexandrite Is One Of The Best Birthstones

You’re lucky to be born in June

June is always a highly anticipated month as it welcomes the most favourable season of the year, summer! Those who get to celebrate their birthday in the month of June should also consider themselves lucky. Why you ask?…Well the official birthstone for June is the Alexandrite. This beautiful gemstone has rare colour changing abilities that others gems simply don’t have. In fact, the value of the gem is mostly determined by how dramatic the colour shift is in the stone.

This precious gem is not only for our Gemini’s and Cancer’s however, it is also the official gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary. Gifting an Alexandrite for such a wonderful occasion would be the perfect tribute to an amazing love story and with trends moving towards gemstones for engagement rings, we think choosing this stone for your proposal will guarantee she says ‘I DO’. 

The Alexandrite is known as the “Emerald by day, Ruby by night”. It is a truly magnificent gem due to its ability to change under different light.  In daylight, the colour appears to be a beautiful bluish green and turns to a red to purplish red under incandescent light. It is often called the ‘Alexandrite effect’. People will notice you wearing this gem because of its rarity and pure beauty. Here you can find pictures of Alexandrite displaying its various hues.  Due to it’s rarity, there are unofficial alternatives to June’s birthstone. For women, the pearl and for men, the moonstone. See our video below to learn more.

The Alexandrite gemstone was found in Russia’s Ural Mountains and was named after Tsar Alexander II in 1831. He was about to step down from the throne and to commemorate him as king they named the stone Alexandrite. The stone can no longer be found in the Russian Ural Mountains, but luckily it has been found in other areas like Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil. The Alexandrite is still exceptionally rare and valuable and due to this, can sometimes cost more than diamonds.

When it comes to purchasing quality jewellery and especially rare gemstones, you should know what to look for.

Here’s how to spot an imitation Alexandrite:

  • An imitation may appear to be an amethyst or pinkish colour in the daylight. While under incandescent light it will change to a purply colour.
  • There are blue or grayish synthetics in the daylight and changes to a purply colour
  • Imitated Alexandrites will have marks inside the gem. They may have black spots, veil like silky threads through the whole or part of the gem. It may look like tiny elongated tubes.
  • Fractures or fissures that resemble white or clear lines that look like a crack in the gem
  • Alexandrites that have spots that resemble air bubbles is a synthetic or created stone
  • A dusty like appearance within the stone that appears as a dull layer in one level is synthetic
  • If listed as natural Alexandrite or natural Russian Alexandrite

Alexandrite is also said to be a stone of prosperity and longevity. It balances mind and emotions, pacifies the soul and promotes spiritual growth.  An old Russian legend states the gem was thought to carry good luck, fortune and love to its owner.  There are several other benefits, healing properties and magical effects on health that you can learn about here.

The Alexandrite is a beautiful gemstone that is rare and beautiful.  You should be proud to be born in the month of June and consider yourself one of few if you have been lucky enough to receive or own a piece of jewellery with this  stunning gemstone. Contact us if you have any questions, want to learn more or want to shop Alexandrite stones with us.