Birthstone for July – The Ruby

July is a beautiful month to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine filled days. It’s a month in the middle of the very busy and exciting wedding season and is also a very popular month for birthdays, as it’s one of the three most popular birth months in Canada. The Ruby is July’s official birthstone and comes in beautiful shades of pink to red. It is also the official gemstone for those lucky couples celebrating a 15th and 40th anniversary. The Ruby stems from the Latin word ‘ruber’ for red, the known colour of this precious gemstone. They are one of the four precious gemstones, known for their rarity, value and hardness. It is the second hardest precious gem (behind the diamond) with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale.

A Ruby’s value is dependent on the colour of the gem. Fine Rubies are known to glow with an intense red in the sunlight. The ideal colour of a Ruby is called pigeon’s blood as it has a red to purplish or pinkish red colour with a soft and glowing red fluorescence. All natural Rubies have imperfections in them. There are two ways to spot a synthetic from a natural Ruby, they have rutile needles in the gem known as ‘silk’. The needles are formed with the host mineral to create ‘silk’ in the Ruby. The colour can help you spot the difference between a synthetic and a natural Ruby.

Rubies are a symbol of love and passion. Ancient Hindus believed that rubies were a sign of protection from the devil, while Chinese warriors were known to wear them on their armour. Wearing Rubies are said to attract good luck to anyone wearing it… in any form from pendants to rings and watches. Unlike other gemstones, a Ruby can be gifted to a loved one to express powerful feelings. It can arouse the senses, stir imagination and is known to bring health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. Gifting a ring with a ruby shows ones passionate and unbridled love that they feel for each other.

Watch the video below, where Nicholas (from Savoy’s) gives you even more insightful information on July’s beautiful birthstone.