Madani Rings Wedding Band

# MKC-TW-15R-324919

Madani Rings MKC-TW-15R-324919

Madani Rings Wedding Band

# MKC-TW-15R-324919


Product Details


5 Diamonds tcw 0.15

Stock Number MKC-TW-15R-324919
Department Bridal & Engagement
Type Wedding Band
Materials 10K White Gold, Cobalt
Width 9.00 mm

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Savoy's Jewellers Madani Rings
Madani Rings

We value freedom of self-expression as a crucial element of human character. Our confident, courageous approach to design thinking and innovative manufacturing processes enables us to challenge any established norms of the wedding band industry. Madani individually crafts every piece of jewelry with focused precision, using only the highest quality alternative precious metals and cutting edge technology.