1994 Northern Ontario Business Of The Year - Recognizing outstanding contributions to Northern Ontario and celebrating a distinct set of strengths required to succeed.

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In 1998 Savoy's Jewellers was the recipient of the "Presidents Award to Business" for the outstanding contribution to the Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie.

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2001 Skipper Manzzutti Award - This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding business achievement within the past year, or number of years. Like the award's name-sake, the recipient of this award has set a high standard for exemplary entrepreneurial and community minded achievement.

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2011 Customer First Award - The customer First Award recognizes a business who continuously raises customer service to new standards of excellence and is a role model for others in customer service.

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2014 Business of the Year Award - The business of the year recognizes a business that have distinguished themselves by fostering growth, innovation, marketing strategy and consumer service excellence in their sectors.